World tour after winning the lottery

Twenty-seven-year-old Matt Miles won a million pounds sterling in a lottery on the official Vulcan Platinum website , and immediately, without hesitation, quit his job and went on a year-long trip around the world. The lottery winner has visited 22 countries.

Countries visited by the lottery millionaire

The lucky guy spent a whole year traveling, first with his brother Pete and friends, and then with his family. Matt lived his dream year clubbing in Ibiza and relaxing at a family resort in Italy.

First, taking with him a couple of friends and his brother, the lucky man went to the Indonesian island of Bali, and then to Thailand. From the land of smiles, their path lay to Brazil for the World Cup. After visiting the football championship, the lucky guy paid for himself and 12 comrades a ticket to Ibiza, where he rented a luxury villa and hired a personal DJ for a couple of days.

Among other entertainments that the lucky EuroMillions participant spent money on was a high-speed boat that took the guys to the best bars and other entertainment venues in the Mecca of all partygoers – San Antonio.

World tour after winning the lottery

Taking a break with friends, Miles invited his family to relax and unwind at a villa in Tuscany, famous for its wines and picturesque landscapes.

The next destination of the lucky lottery participant was America, where he went with Pete for a whole month. Matt shared that of all the places he visited, New York was his favorite.

After 8 months of travel, Matt returned home to Hereford to, like many winners , purchase property and recover from such a long holiday.

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How can you have a good holiday in Turkey?Holidays in Turkey have long been one of the most budget-friendly, however, if you do everything correctly and follow the advice of experienced tourists, then you can save a lot of money.

You should start with cellular communications – you should not buy a SIM card that is intended for tourists, and this is what employees of most travel companies offer to purchase. If you want to save significantly on cellular communications, then it is best to purchase a card from the Turkish mobile operator Turkcell directly in Turkey itself, which will be much cheaper. Most travel companies offer a sightseeing tour, but such an excursion is a waste of time – just a shopping trip that no one bothers you to do on your own, and it will cost much less. So it is best to refuse this dubious service.

There are Internet cafes in all major cities of Turkey, so if, for example, you are interested in the site http://www.natalie-hotel.ru , then you can find it without any problems. As for shopping, you should not make purchases at least during the first few days of the trip. Under no circumstances should you go to those stores where the hotel guides advise you to go – you just need to remember that they receive a certain percentage from the stores. In general, as for visiting stores, all purchases are best done in the afternoon, when it is hot outside and, accordingly, there are few people in the stores. You can count on a good discount.

And the most important thing is to respect other people’s traditions.

Fire safety rules in the forestOne of the attractive vacation spots for urban tourists is the forest. Silence and fresh air, berries and mushrooms, birdsong, please the eye and create a good mood. But when going to the forest for a picnic, you should remember about fire safety measures, because 95 out of 100 fires are caused by humans.

Having settled down to rest, people usually make a fire to stay warm, cook food or dry things. When lighting a fire in the forest, we must be aware that we are harming nearby trees, the soil and, in addition, endangering the entire forest by leaving an unextinguished fire unattended.

When making a fire, you should clear the surrounding area of dry leaves, brushwood and other flammable materials. You cannot make a fire near trees, dead wood, old stumps, or on peat bogs. As a rule, places for making fires are determined by local forest guards. But even in a specially designated place you should not build a large fire. Sparks from a fire can fly quite far with gusts of wind.

When leaving the camp site, the fire must be extinguished, making sure that there are no smoldering embers left. It is recommended to cover the coals with damp soil and trample them down.

If trouble does happen, you must immediately notify the forestry department about it and immediately begin extinguishing it before the fire grows and becomes a forest fire. You can use any available means, avoiding the possibility of ending up in a ring of fire. Cover the fire with damp branches or damp soil, or use water from a nearby body of water.


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